best tyre for scooty

Cutting-edge Technology of Tyres

TJ Tyres has been a bane to a significant portion of logistics & shipping industry. These companies, usually small-size organisations with fleets up to 200 vehicles constitute about 80% of large container businesses.

best tyre for scooty

Tyres awarded by NASA

Have you heard about the new tyres in market that are awarded by NASA for their generations ahead Burst Preventive Puncture Curative tyres for your bikes and scooty? TycheeJunoTyres (TJ Tyres) immaculate team of hard working professionals have invented this technology which was recognized by NASA.

best tyre for scooty

Road Safety

Road safety is one of the top civil concerns in India. Many times due to sudden punctures & tyre bursts, vehicles (especially 2-wheelers) tend to lose control & it leads to injuries & even death.

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