The patented tyre technology with many trade secrets is a Multi-chambered Tubeless tyre with sealant, coolant, and balancers inside it,to take care of punctures and prevent blow-outs. The sealant seals the puncture and automatically heals the tyre. The coolant inside the chamber keeps the temperature of the tyre at an optimal level preventing localized overheating and thus preventing blow-outs. The balancer inside the chamber balances the tyres in the run-time. Due to the application of technologically upgraded materials and structure, the pressure retention for both air and nitrogen filling is almost three times more as compared to the conventional material used for normal tubeless tyres.

The technology embedded in the tyres offers the following benefits to the users of the technology.

  • Anti-Puncture
  • Anti-Burst
  • Extra Life
  • Extra mileage for the vehicle
  • Extra air retention

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    With TycheeJuno's technology in 10 million vehicles, a reduction in carbon emission due to decreased tyre replacement would be 200,000 tons of carbon dioxide per annum. "Improved fuel efficiency will result in the reduction of 200 million gallons of gasoline consumption, which means 1.634 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) and 500 tons of cancer-causing carcinogenic lead (RoHS material) can be avoided,"

  • 410 deaths/day in road accidents - 10-15%, are caused due to tyre failure. (35-40% on Highways)*
  • Puncture & tyre burst: females & senior citizens most vulnerable
  • 45% replacement - Punctures, damages; Pollution - Low fuel economy, Lead & Air filling.
  • Indian Tyre Industry - 3% of manufacturing GDP & 0.5% of total GDP directly.
  • Tyre market share of World/ India - $250 billion / $9 billion
  • Market is growing at 6-8% annually.

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