TJs BPPC is worlds forst Burst Preventive and Puncture
curative tyre which prevents burst and cures puncture
without any effort from the rider. It’s a multi chamber tyre
with a mixture eof selant
coolant and blancer within the tyre. The sealant seals the puncture on leakage providing the user a hassle free
drive .


is worlds first burst preventive tyre. The Multi chamber tyre has coolant inside which chamber which reduces the heat generated by the tyre
at high speed. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the tyre and it prevents the localized over heating and the bursts which resulted in localized over heating .


The BPPC is
designed to provide more
tyre life than the normal
tubeless tyre. The multi chamber tyre has higher air retention which results in less wear and tear of the tyre, providing longer life to your tyre.


The air retention of the BPPC tyres are almost three times
than the normal tubeless. If
you have to check the air pressure of your tyres once in a week , with BPPC the duration becomes three times a week. Proper air pressure in the tyres for more duration …


BPPC has higher air
retrntion which maintains the
air pressure in the
tyres at its recommended value.
This in turn increases
the mileage of the vehicle. Enjoy the added
benefit that BPPC provides.


The aniti puncture
and anti burst BPPC tyre
provides you the safety from punctures and burts
and also adds to the uninterrupted
journey filled with comfort.



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TJ Tyres  is an innovative and technology driven company working on riders safety, fuel economy and convenience with its eco-friendly innovations. TJ Tyres’ R&D Centres in India and USA strive for innovation and develop state-of-the-art products that can have easy adoptability by customers in automobiles industry.

TJ Tyres has successfully launched proprietary NASA awarded BPPC (Burst Preventive Puncture Curative) range of products to meet customers’ expectations and has gone for Patent protection in major target markets. Apart from road safety aspects of passengers, riders, travellers, pedestrians; it also works in self-balancing at dynamic conditions, thereby eliminating cancer causing material Lead (RoHS) for wheel balancing.

TJ Tyres is committed to invent more and more eco-friendly technologies focused on safety, convenience and low carbon foot print to make the world greener and better liveable place. The whole team is committed to give hassle free drive and tension free life to the world with cool products.


To make every ride safer with innovations and technology.


To bring a technical revolution in automotive industry which is affordable and having less carbon foot print by delivering innovative and safe products in different market segment.


The patented tyre technology with many trade secrets is a Multi-chambered Tubeless tyre with sealant, coolant and balancers inside it; to take care of punctures and prevent blow-outs. The sealant seals the puncture and auto heals the tyre, the coolant inside the chamber keeps the temperature of the tyre at an optimal level preventing localized over heating and thus preventing blow outs and the balancer inside the chamber balances the tyres in run time. Due to multi-chamber with innovation in materials the pressure retention (both for air and nitrogen) is almost three times.

The technology offers the following benefits to the user of the technology

. Anti Puncture Tyes

. Tyres which prevents the brusts

. Tyres with extra life

. Tyre with Extra mileage for the vehicle

. Tyre with extra air retention

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